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We'reDoneWhenISayWe'reDone We'reDoneWhenISayWe'reDone

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In Walt we trust.

Page 22 picture book coloured Page 22 picture book coloured

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You sir, amaze me.

If I ever put out a full CD, I might need you to do the cover...


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FaLk responds:

i would be most keen

NGHHC'11 Art Contest. NGHHC'11 Art Contest.

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I don't think you "missed" a thing!

This is most definitely an epic approach. I love damn near everything about this one! Great job.


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I love it, but I agree with PiGPEN that it could use a color boost, although I don't know that It needs too much. I like the effect you have going on, but it doesn't pop out at me atm.

Bloop Bloop

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Love it!

Such a happy little guy!