Entry #31

My battle track for CLABTRAP

2012-04-30 07:31:19 by EternalXIII

If you haven't heard about it, BIgRed is hosting the 2012 Clabtrap battles here on NG. Along with the 46 mc rap battle, there are also two producer battles. Although I had originally entered both the sample and scavenger hunt battles, due to time limitations and emcees flaking on me, I was only able to enter the scavenger hunt battle.

Here is my Entry for the Scavenger hunt battle: Ex!!! Scavenger Battle

Thanks to Alexander Glenfield for allowing me to sample his tuvan throat singing.
Thanks to InvasiveInsomniac for giving me a sweet beatbox to play with and work into the track.
Thanks to both SenatorJohnDeanand Panther Paw for recording verses for me with less than a days notice! You two are the shit!

My battle track for CLABTRAP


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2012-04-30 11:45:14

UR welcome, my friend. Call on me at anytime you need a rap vocal or a harmonizing. Yeah, I harmonize too, and I'm not as good at that as rapping, but I'm getting better and better all the time!!


2012-04-30 12:43:09

Sweet art! Glad to have some real competition in the building! Lol KOA representin the variety battle! :P


2012-05-29 10:44:36

Your Scavenger Hunt track is on the frontpage featured audio my friend! You killed it dude!


2012-08-31 09:08:54

Congrats, you're the User of the Day. :)

EternalXIII responds:

Hahaha, so I was!